2020 Arizona LeadingAge Annual Conference & Expo


Experience Room, The Blind Cafe (1 CEU)

Various times on Wednesday & Thursday. Advanced Sign-up Suggeste
*Space is Limited ~ Sign Up EARLY"


The Blind Cafe is a social impact experience that uses the concept of social engagement in 100% darkness that profoundly impact people's social perspective. The Blind Cafe works for positive social change by creating and embracing ground-breaking and innovative ideas that identify problems in society and then work proactively to create scalable and sustainable solutions in the dark. When we lose our sight entirely at The Blind Cafe, there is a relinquishing of control that must happen. The attendees don't have their cell phones to habitually check every few minutes, they have to trust in their fellow attendees and our blind staff to navigate through the experience.

The attendees have to learn to listen better, be more acute with their presence in the moment and dig deeper inside themselves to communicate with each other. All their little habitual habits are interrupted and there is a window there while they are in the dark to touch in on a different way of relating to their world.

Learn more about The Blind Cafe, go to https://www.theblindcafe.com/


Wednesday, August 19

1:00 - 1:30 PM    Welcome to the Annual 2020 Conference and Expo! TOGETHER | AzLA CEO, Pam Koester  AzLA President, Michelle Just  (0.5 CEUs)

Come TOGETHER for this opening session to learn about our Association and details of this year’s conference, including earning 15.5 CEUs, networking with 48 incredible EXHIBITORS in our industry, participating in our exclusive, one-of-a-kind Experience Room featuring The Blind Cafe (Wed/Thur). Enjoy a friendly game of poker at our Foundation Poker Tournament, and cheer on our Award winners at our Annual Awards Celebration MC'ed by Lin Sue Cooney, Hospice of the Valley.

Ms. Just, President of Arizona LeadingAge, and CEO of Beatitudes Campus will share with you how bringing people TOGETHER can shape your culture, leaders, community.

1:30 - 3:00 PM    Opening Keynote (Session 1):  Fire Up Your Life! | Donna Hartley (1.5 CEUs)

Have you ever wondered about your life purpose?

Donna shares insights gained from her own experiences and offers nine strategies to overcome daunting challenges, get you unstuck, and move to great fulfillment and transformation. Acquire the skills you need to take your inner and intentional leadership expertise to the next level. You will be empowered to shift your attitude with this inspirational and uplifting presentation. As a master storyteller, Donna relates the lessons learned from three life-altering events … a plane crash, stage III melanoma, and open-heart surgery … all on March 1 of different years.


• Develop an attitude shift that creates inner leadership.
• Acquire the techniques of the backward formula to create results.
• Balance your life in eight critical areas.
• Understand the effectiveness of inner dialog and intention.
• Know that persistence is an inside belief.
• Learn why humor has healing powers.
• Master clear and effective communication.
• Manifest and enhance your vibrational energy and intention.
• Create the power of knowing, and you will Fire Up Your Life!

Target: CEO/Administrator, CFO/Finance, DON/Nurse Manager, Resident Services/Social Services, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Facilities, Dining, Wellness/Activities, Trustees, Residents

Thursday, August 20

8:45 - 10:15 AM    Communicating with Families: Going Beyond Just Notification of Change in Condition |  Dr. Marianne M. Jennings (1.5 CEUs)

The past two years have brought us some stunning ethical lapses in businesses, colleges and universities, nonprofits, and government agencies. It is a mistake to review them and believe that "it could never happen to us”; It did happen to very smart and capable people. These events are case studies that provide us with the opportunity to learn, to recognize what we can fix to prevent that gradual slippage into ethical collapse.


  •  The speaker will highlight incidents that occurred recently that were the result of ethical neglect.
  •   Information will be shared on the importance of adhering to a work culture that values ethical approaches to challenges that arise.
  • Attendees will be reminded of the potential consequences when an ethical choice is ignored for convenience.

Target: CEO/Administrator, CFO/Finance, DON/Nurse Manager, Resident Services/Social Services, Sales & Marketing, Facilities, Human Resources, Dining, Wellness/Activities, Trustees, Residents

    Friday, May 15

    7:30 - 9:00 AM          Annual Member Meeting, Breakfast & Program (1.5 CEUs)

    Association Update & Board of Directors Installation | Pam Koester 

    Life Care Planning | C Bennett 

     The presentation will go through the development of the documents from the Attorney General's Office and will provide information on each form. The thorough review will address all of the objectives and packets will be handed out prior to the start so that audience members can follow along with each form during the presentation.


    • Understand the different forms and why they are important.
    • Be able to answer the frequently asked questions. 
    • Know where to get the forms and what to do with them once completed.
    • Know where to order free forms for their residents.
    11:45 AM - 1:45 PM   Awards Luncheon | Master of Ceremonies ~ Lin Sue Cooney (1.5 CEUs) 

    Join us as we recognize and celebrate individuals as well as organizations who have made significant contributions to enhance the lives of older adults through their commitment, participation and innovation! 

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