2021 Virtual Annual Conference & Expo


NAB CEU Reporting: 

  • AZLA reports your CEUs electronically to NAB periodically throughout the conference. 
  • For AZLA to report to NAB, 
    • Attendees are required to notify AZLA of the CEUs earned during the Virtual Conference via the Online CEU Reporting Request link.  
    • If you do not submit an Online CEU Reporting Request, no CEUs will be reported to NAB.

Attendees have two options for reporting your CEUs:

1)  One-Time Online CEU Reporting Request – complete the Online CEU Reporting Request link to report your CEUs after you have completed all your sessions and quizzes.


2)  Multiple Online CEU Reporting Requests - submit a request to report CEUs earned for a specified time period(s):

Example of Multiple Online CEU Reporting Requests:

  • You attend classes from May 18 through May 31.  
    • In this time period, you earn 16 CEUs. 
    • You can submit your request to report these CEUs, and we will report them electronically to NAB.  They are now recorded by NAB, and you do not count them again.  
  • Then, from June 10 through June 20, 
    • You attend different sessions from the ones you attended in the previous time period (you cannot earn CEUs for any duplicate sessions) and earn an additional 10 CEUs.  
    • You submit your request again to report CEUs, and you list the dates June 10 through June 20.  
    • Again, we electronically report them to NAB.  These are now recorded by NAB, and you do not count them again.
  • Then you continue with new sessions from July 1 through July 15
    • And earn 6 more CEUs (these are different sessions than any previously submitted sessions).  
    • Again you submit your request to report CEUs, you list the new dates, the number of CEUs earned, and again, we report them electronically to NAB.  
    • This third set of CEUs are now recorded by NAB. All CEUs are recorded for the time period May 15 through July 15. The dates above are examples only, you can choose any dates you wish. 

Please remember, you earn credit for a session ONLY ONE TIME.  You CANNOT SUBMIT more than once for any session(s).  

You are required to attach a copy of your completed Certificate of Attendance with each Online CEU Reporting Request you complete.


  • Attendees are responsible to submit the CEUs you have earned from this Virtual Conference directly to that organization and follow their CEU reporting process.
  • AZLA is required to maintain a copy of your Certificate of Attendance form for verification purposes.   
    • For a live, in-person conference, each attendee provided us with the yellow copy of their Certificate of Attendance form at the end of the conference.   
    • For a Virtual Conference, you are required to submit a copy of your Certificate of Attendance to us through the Online CEU Reporting Request link as an attachment.
    • If you do not provide us a copy of your Certificate of Attendance, we have no CEU record/verification for you. 
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