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Fitness Challenge for Seniors

2018 Arizona LeadingAge Fitness Challenge for Seniors

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

9:30 AM to 1:30 PM


*Info needed for registration:

 > Name of Community Wellness Coordinator

 > Names of athletes for each event

 > Names of volunteers attending / participating

 > Number of spectators attending / participating

Registration Fees

  • Registration is open to groups from Arizona LeadingAge Provider Member Communities.
  • Registration Fees = Community Fee + Participant Fees 
  • Community Fee is $75 ($25 for HUD Community)
  • Individual Participants Fees
    • Athletes (up to 13) - $10 per person
    • Spectators - $10 per person
    • Volunteers - First 3 Free; additional, $10 per person 
    • Wellness Coordinator (1 per community) - FREE
  • Lunch is provided for all registrants.
  • NO REFUNDS available

Fitness Challenge for Seniors 2019…

The Arizona LeadingAge Fitness Challenge for Seniors is a friendly competition among Arizona LeadingAge community residents ages 65 and over. Each community is limited to 13 athletes.  They must be residents of an Arizona LeadingAge Community.

Enjoy the Obstacle Course, Wii Bowling and our newest event, TRIVIA Competition.

Print Events Info with the Diagram of the Stations

2019 Schedule of Events




9:00 – 9:30 am

Athlete check in

by Wellness Coordinators


9:30 – 10:00 am

Torch Entrance

AZ LeadingAge Welcome

Opening Prayer

Pledge of Allegiance

National Anthem


10:15 – 11:15 am

Round 1 Events:

Obstacle Course

Basketball Bounce

.5 Mile Walk Round One

Wii Bowling Round One




Indoor Track

Skating Rink

11:15 – 11:45 am

Executive Leader Competition

Snacks available in Lobby


11:45 – 12:30 pm

Round 2 Events:

Obstacle Course

Basketball Bounce

.5 Mile Walk Round Two

Wii Bowling Round Two




Indoor Track

Skating Rink

12:30 – 1:00 pm

Box Lunch

Trivia Competition

Skating Rink


   1:00 - 1:30 pm

Closing Ceremony

Medal Presentation

AZ LeadingAge Thank you

Skating Rink


Events Information and Rules


Trivia Game:
Location: Skating Rink
Limit 1 Athlete per Community. 3 Winners


  1. Each community will have one (1) representative.
  2. Each contestant will be seated at the players table.
  3. No contestant may have a cellphone while participating.
  4. There will be a total of twenty (20) questions asked. Each participant will have a numbered paddle to raise to property answer the question.
  5. The moderator will be the determining factor in who has raised their paddle first. There will however be a second judge on hand in case there is a discrepancy.
  6. The participant who has raised their paddle the fastest will be given the first attempt at answering the question correctly. A correct answer will be awarded 5pts.
  7. Should the participant be deemed to have the incorrect answer, there will be no points given for the question. The moderator will read the correct answer and proceed to the next question.
  8. At the end of the game, the participant with the most points will then be declared the winner and receive 3 points for their community.
  9. In the event of a tie, those qualifying individuals will be participate in a bonus round consisting of five (5) questions. This will determine the overall winner.
  10. No participant shall receive any outside help be it from technology or verbal cues. If either the moderator or the judge determines help was given on any particular answer, offending participant will be docked 5pts from their overall score.
Categories for the Trivia Challenge:
A. History of the 40's, 50's, and 60's
B. Current Events
C. Sports
D. Science
E. Miscellaneous

Wii Bowling:
Location – Skating Rink
Limit – 3 Athletes from each Community. 3 Winners.  


  1. Each player will play one whole Wii game by themselves.
  2. Distance between TV and player is a minimum of 7 feet away.
  3. Please note that practice rounds will not be available day of the competition.
  4. In case of a tie, players will play against each other another game and the highest score wins.

.5 Mile Walk: Men & Women
Location – Indoor Track
Limit – 3 athletes from each community


  1. This is a walking competition – absolutely no running and no motorized assistance. Walkers and canes are allowed. For your safety "NO HEADPHONES ALLOWED."
  2. Running or unsportsmanlike conduct is grounds for disqualification.
  3. 5 walkers will line up at the starting line.
  4. Starting announcement for each group - "On your mark, get set, GO!"
  5. A group of 5 walkers will be sent at a time.
  6. 1 volunteer will be assigned per athlete to keep track of their laps and time.
  7. Stop watch needed for every volunteer.
  8. Clip board with every participants name (roster) and space to write down start/end time for completing the .5 mile - one copy for each volunteer.

Basketball Bounce:
Location – Gym
Limit – 3 athletes from each community


  • 1 standard size basketball- The standard size of a basketball in the NBA is 29.5 to 29.875 inches (74.93 to 75.88 cm) in circumference.
  • 1 Brute 44 Gallon Trash Can (31.5 in. High/24 in diameter), heavy duty, professional grade

How to play the game-

  1. Standing/sitting line will be 7 feet away from the front of the trash can
  2. The Athlete must bounce the ball one time prior to landing in trash can
  3. Each athlete is allowed 10 bounce opportunities to make a basket
  4. Winner will have the highest number of baskets out of the ten tries.
  5. In case of a tie, each athlete will play again with only 5 attempts for a new score to break the tie

Obstacle Course: Men & Women
Location – Gym
Max. Limit – 3 athletes per community

A demonstration will be done prior to the start of each round of competition.  Athletes navigate a series of challenges while being timed.  Each athlete start time and end time will be recorded by volunteer.  See attached diagram for specifics including:

  1. Station 1 - Bounce & Catch:
    Bounce and catch a 55cm stability ball TEN (10) times.
    Participant must use BOTH hands to bounce and BOTH hands to catch. Bounce must take the ball higher than participant's waistline before catching. Participant count out loud the number when they catch it. (Ball is 18 inches from the floor, 57 inches around in diameter).

  2. Station 2 - Hoop Stepping:
    Step across the station by placing only one foot in each hoop. There will be a total of 10 hoops. If a hoop is moved or stepped on, participant will start over at the beginning of station 2 after the hoops have been re-arranged back in order. (Hoop is 19 inches from rim to rim. Interior space is 17 inches).

  3. Station 3 - Ping Pong Spoon:
    Walk while balancing a ping pong ball on a plastic spoon. Athlete must hold spoon on the end/edge with designated tape on it, with arms stretched out in front. If arm drops at a 45 degree angle, athlete will start over. Tape area is 5/8 of an inch (9cm). Participant will walk 100 feet without dropping the ping pong ball. If ball drops or elbow drops to a 45 degree angle, participant will start over at station 3.

  4. Station 4 - Corn Bag Toss:
    Participant will stand 7 feet away from the board and must toss 4 corn bags separately toward the board. The corn bags collectively weigh 3.5 pounds. Corn Hole is 6" inches in diameter. Any score obtained will be used for any tie-breakers in completion time of the entire obstacle course. Bag in the hole = 5Points. Bag landing on the board = 1Point.

  5. Station 5 - Tandem Stand:
    Participant will stand tandem = one foot directly in front of the other (heel to toe). Participant has their choice as to which foot will be in front and which on in back. Objective of this station is to balance for 10 seconds in a tandem stand without holding on to anything. If stand or stance form is broken during the 10 seconds the time will start over when participant realigns themselves in a tandem stance and is not holding onto anything.

  6. Station 6 - One Foot Balance:
    Participant will have their choice as to which foot will be the one they balance on. Time starts when participant picks up one foot and is not holding onto anything. To leave this station successfully, participant must balance 10 seconds in a row. If form is broken by the foot touching the floor or hands touching a chair, time will start over once participant re-engages the one foot balance position. ONE HOP will be allowed if needed to keep balance. More than one hop and time will start over. At no time can the foot come off the floor link or wrap or touch the other balancing leg.

  7. Station 7 - Step Overs:
    4 yoga blocks, 5" inches high will be lined up in a row at a distance of 36 inches to ensure a complete step over. No foot swinging behind the yoga blocks to avoid lifting the foot over. Participant will start on one side of the yoga block and step both feet over to the other side. That will be counted as "1". Stepping back over completely with both feet will be counted as "2". Participant will continue until a count of 10 is reached successfully and without knocking over any yoga blocks. If participant knocks over any blocks, time will still keep going while the judge puts block back in position and count will start back over at "1".

  8. Station 8 - Cone Tapping:
    Participant will stand not holding onto anything for balance, and alternate a toe tap to the designated cone's top. Cone stands 7" inches high. If at any time the participant knocks down the cone, the judge will reposition the cone and the count will start over. Goals is to tap the cone 10 times with alternating feet and without knocking it over and not holding onto anything.

  9. Station 9 - Completion:
    Participant will walk to the chair and click the drum sticks 3 times to end the stopwatch/timer.
Print Events Info with the Diagram of the Stations.

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