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Fitness Challenge for Seniors

2019 Arizona LeadingAge Fitness Challenge for Seniors

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

9:30 AM to 1:30 PM


Registration Deadline: October 23, 2019

*Info Needed for Registration:

 > Name of Community Wellness Coordinator

 > Names of Athletes for each Event

 > Names of Volunteers attending / participating

 > Number of Spectators attending / participating

Registration Fees

  • Registration is open to groups from Arizona LeadingAge Provider Member Communities.
  • Registration Fees = Community Fee + Participant Fees 
  • Community Fee is $80 
  • Individual Participants Fees
    • Athletes (up to 13) - $10 per person
    • Spectators - $10 per person
    • Volunteers - First 2 Free; additional, $10 per person 
    • Wellness Coordinator (1 per community) - FREE
  • Lunch is provided for all registrants.
  • NO REFUNDS available
  • Registration Deadline: October 23, 2019

Fitness Challenge for Seniors 2019…

The Arizona LeadingAge Fitness Challenge for Seniors is a friendly competition among Arizona LeadingAge community residents ages 65 and over. Each community is limited to 13 athletes.  They must be residents of an Arizona LeadingAge Community.

Enjoy these medal events: Obstacle Course, Wii Bowling, 1/2 Mile Walk and Basketball Bounce.

And enjoy this non-medal event: Balloon Volleyball ~ Open Play

2019 Schedule of Events




8:30 – 9:30 am

Athlete check in

by Wellness Coordinators


9:30 – 10:00 am

Torch Entrance

AZ LeadingAge Welcome

Opening Prayer

Pledge of Allegiance

National Anthem


10:15 – 11:15 am

10:15 – 11:15 am

Non-Medal Event
Balloon Volleyball

Round 1 Events:

Obstacle Course

Basketball Bounce

.5 Mile Walk Round One

Wii Bowling Round One




Indoor Track

Skating Rink

11:15 – 11:30 am

Snacks Available 
in the Lobby

11:30 – 12:15 pm

11:30 – 12:15 pm

Non-Medal Event
Balloon Volleyball

Round 2 Events:

Obstacle Course

Basketball Bounce

.5 Mile Walk Round Two

Wii Bowling Round Two




Indoor Track

Skating Rink

12:15 – 1:00 pm

Box Lunch

Trivia (FUN non-medal)

Skating Rink


   1:00 - 1:30 pm

Closing Ceremony

Medal Presentation

AZ LeadingAge Thank you

Skating Rink


Events Information and Rules

Wii Bowling:Location – Skating Rink
Limit – 3 Athletes from each Community. 3 Winners.

Three TV's will constantly have Wii bowling games going. There will be a fourth TV that will allow the athletes to practice one game before their competition.


  1. Each player will play one whole Wii bowling game on their own.
  2. Distance between TV and player is a minimum of 7 feet away.
  3. One practice round is available for participants on a separate designated TV
  4. In case of a tie, players will play against each other another game and the highest score wins.
  5. Unsportsmanlike conduct is grounds for disqualification.

.5 Mile Walk: Men & Women
Location – Indoor Track
Limit – 3 athletes from each community


  1. This is a "walking" competition – absolutely no running and no motorized assistance. Walkers and canes are allowed. For your safety "NO HEADPHONES ALLOWED."
  2. Running or unsportsmanlike conduct is grounds for disqualification.
  3. 5 walkers will line up at the starting line.
  4. Starting announcement for each group - "On your mark, get set, GO!"
  5. A group of 5 walkers will be sent at a time.
  6. 1 volunteer will be assigned per athlete to keep track of their laps and time.
  7. Stop watch/timer is needed for every volunteer.
  8. Clip board with every participants name (roster) and space to write down start/end time for completing the .5 mile - one copy for each volunteer.

Basketball Bounce:
Location – GymLimit – 3 athletes from each community


  • 1 standard size basketball- The standard size of a basketball in the NBA is 29.5 to 29.875 inches (74.93 to 75.88 cm) in circumference.
  • 1 Brute 44 Gallon Trash Can (31.5 in. High/24 in diameter), heavy duty, professional grade

How to play the game-

  1. Standing/sitting line will be 7 feet away from the front of the trash can
  2. The Athlete must bounce the ball one time prior to landing in trash can
  3. Each athlete is allowed 10 bounce opportunities to make a basket
  4. Winner will have the highest number of baskets out of the ten tries.
  5. In case of a tie, each athlete will play again with only 5 attempts for a new score to break the tie

Obstacle Course: Men & Women
Location – Gym
Max. Limit – 3 athletes per community

A demonstration will be done prior to the start of each round of competition. Athletes navigate a series of challenges while being timed.  Each athlete start time and end time will be recorded by volunteer.  See attached diagram for specifics including:

  1. Station #1
    Participant must complete line of colored markers on the floor in sequential order as such: starting at white dot, running to blue dot and back to white. Running to yellow dot, back to white dot etc...(also known as suicide drills.) Participant will "tap" each dot once with either foot for that corresponding repetition. Distance between each colored marker will be exactly three feet. Upon touching last red dot, participant may progress to next station

  2. Station #2
    Seven soccer balls will be lined up in a row. Participant must kick four out of the seven balls into the 4 X 3 ft. net. Missed soccer balls will be retrieved for retries. Net will be placed exactly 20ft. from the line of soccer balls. There will be a chair placed behind the soccer balls that participant may choose to grasp for safety if they so choose.

  3. Station #3
    Participants must traverse 5ft. long foam balance beam. Balance beam will be situated on top of a floor mat for safety, a volunteer will be stationed alongside as well. Participant will have 3 tries to cross before being allowed to move to next station.

  4. Station #4 
    A 10lb medicine ball will be placed on chair #1. Participant must pick up the medicine ball and carry it 10ft. to chair #2. Participant must then complete three sit-to stand squats on chair #2. A sit-to-stand squat defined as a participant sitting all the way down to the chair seat, touching, and standing all the way back up to a vertical position. Participants feet must remain touching the floor during the standing portion or that repetition will not count. Upon completion of the three repetitions, participant must return the medicine ball back to chair #1 before proceeding to next station.

  5. Station #5
    Two parallel lines will be marked on the ground with a narrow end widening gradually to a wide end of approximately 3ft. Participant must cross the 'river' 3 times starting at the narrow end and ending with the wide end prior to proceeding to next station.

  6. Station #6
    Participant will complete, in succession, a 6" step, a 6" hurdle, and four large diameter rings (stepping one foot in each.)

  7. Station #7
    Participant will flip end over end 1 - 6.5lb, 45" inner tube 4 times from its resting position to the marked finished line.

(Print Obstacle Course Info w/Diagram of the Stations.)

Balloon Volleyball ~ OPEN PLAY (non-medal event)
First side to reach 5 points or higher score after 15 minutes wins the game.
Location - Gym
Limit - 8 players on each side

  • Participants are to stay seated during each set
  • Each side gets two attempts to hit ball over when serving. Serve must go completely to other side without the assistance of other team members. Failure to have a successful serve results in other side talking control of the ball. First to serve is decided by referee tossing ball in center of net (court).
  • One can score only when their side serves.
  • One keeps control of the serve until they cause the ball to go out of bounds or when the ball is missed and it hits the floor.
  • Ball is consider out when the ball bounces out of the court. If the ball hits the top of the net and bounces back in, the ball is ti be played.
  • You are not allowed to use your legs to kick the ball or to catch it between their knees.
  • You must hit the ball and not catch it.
  • When one side takes back control of the serve, everyone on that side is to rotate to a new seat in a clockwise manner to have a new position resulting in a new server.
  • Participants are to avoid touching or reaching over the net, for example in a spike.
  • First to reach 5 points or highest score after 15 minutes win the game.

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